Rebecca Hopkins

Interior Designer


I have always had a strong love of design, and the concept of connecting function with beauty. The spaces we live, work, and experience should reflect not only an aesthetic that resonates with who we are, but should bring joy to our daily lives. I believe a well designed space, coupled with functional organization, just simply makes life better. 

I look forward to working together. 



Rebecca grew up in Easton, Connecticut always having a strong passion for art, exploring, and the outdoors. Like most artistic adults, her childhood was spent working on creative projects, and planning small-scale cities in her room where Lincoln Logs and Barbie’s came together as one. During high school, at the Wooster School in Danbury, her teacher’s took notice and encouraged her to pursue art as a career. Moving from Connecticut to Brooklyn, New York, to attend Pratt Institute in 2001 felt like a natural fit, and she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and study Interior Design. During her “Foundation Year’, the freshman year requirement that all students study fine arts, her choice in major was solidified when her strongest skill in color theory was realized. Her 4 years there gave her a strong base for design, and she graduated with honors in 2005. 

She began her career at TPG Architecture, working in a corporate interiors studio developing the workplace of the future. Most of these early years out of school were spent learning the process of a project, how to detail her design ideas, putting together strong finish palettes, and meeting the non-stop deadlines that come with working at a busy New York City design firm. The most important lesson Rebecca learned in her few years at TPG was how to work on a team, and that collaboration in design extends beyond the internal design team and client relationship, to the field, working with several trades to build out a successful project. No design ever comes to life without a talented group of people working well together. 

During 2008, like the rest of the country, real estate and architecture were hit hard by the recession, and Rebecca needed to change directions from Corporate Interiors. She found herself in new terrority working in Environmental Branding. Her most exciting project was to be part of the team that developed the Urban Flagship Brand for Wells Fargo bank after they acquired Wachovia. That project, as well as the other clients she worked with during her time at The Gilmore Group, gave her experience in Graphic Design, Industrial Design and Project Management. Leading a small team through different phases of the brand process, they created dynamic solutions for clients, and for their customers to experience. This new background in branding allowed Rebecca to pivot once again back to Corporate Interiors, but now with a different approach to creating workplace solutions that reflect a client’s corporate identity and mission. 

Rebecca began working at Ted Moudis Associates as a Senior Designer, and it was there that she fine-tuned her design process. From 2012-2018, she worked with our world’s largest financial institutions, developing their standards, and creating spaces that fostered productivity and wellness in the workplace. Highlights from her time at TMA include the design of a 200,000 SF tech office boasting unique amenity and destination spaces, the development of the design standards for our country’s largest bank, a branding project that allowed for hand-drawn full-scale graphics covering 20,000 SF of wall space, and the programming and analysis of a 2,500 employee office in preparation for a restructuring project. Her experience here allowed her to further develop her leadership skills, and create unique spaces for her clients relying on her strong architectural and branding background, setting her up to take some new risks in 2018. 

At the end of January, Rebecca left her position with TMA to relocate back to Connecticut, to be closer to her family and the outdoors. Here she is looking to take her experience with Corporate Interiors and Branded Environments, and putting her full focus into her own design firm focusing on residential design, smaller commercial projects, and support in home optimization. 


" Rebecca may be one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with. She has an eye for understanding a clients vision and executing designs that even they didn't know they wanted until they saw it."

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Craig nealy architects
2005 – 2006

tpg architecture
2006 – 2009

the gilmore group
2010 – 2012

ted moudis associates
2012 – 2018

no label design
2016 – present